How to Achieve Healthy Productivity Team

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“Market share” and “competitive edge” are words that are commonly thrown around in the business circles. This as an indications that the world and business arenas are unsurprisingly competitive. Competition can be beneficial if it is perceived in the right way. Competition does not have to be aggressive and full of rivalry. Instead friendly competition can help a team to strive together towards a common goal. Such competition can bring about positive and healthy productivity. Healthy productivity challenges an individual or a team to be motivated and to achieve better outcomes or superior products and services for market consumption. This article will articulate how to achieve healthy productivity in a team.

When productivity is mentions, words like efficiency, and high yields come to mind. This can be unnerving especially if the team leader or chief executive officer indicates that they expect higher productivity from their team. Most people equate productivity to exhaustion, work pressure, deadlines and ultimatums. Notably, healthy productivity is possible only when the wellbeing of the team comes first, investment resources are minimal and yields are high. In essence positive productivity is motivating an individual or a team to grow and attain the best version of themselves. Productivity is optimal when there is great value addition at minimal resource investment. The team behind this achievement should have high energy and great motivation as they achieve high yields and profitability for their organization.

In order to achieve healthy productivity, the team leader should ensure that the individual members of the team prioritize their health and wellbeing. Team members should physically, mentally and socially healthy. Most organizations provide health covers in order for their teams to access treatment for themselves and immediate family members. In addition, top organization also provide gym facilities and counseling services at the work quarters. Team members can get professional therapy to ease work and life pressures. It is equally important for such team members to remain physically fit and get enough rest after working hours. The team leader should equally organize team building activities to boast team motivation. A healthy team member has high energy to tackle tasks. Check out here ways to relieve stress.

High productivity is also achieved through proper time and task management. As the organization grows and expands, manual remedies for time and task management increase work pressure and wear out personnel. Fortunately, numerous automated solutions in the market can increase efficiency and ease work pressure. Establishments should invest in time management and task management system to organize tasks and manage time towards better outcomes.

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